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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gaining ground and losing my butt,thighs,stomach,hips,lol!

Great news!I have lost 3 more inches of my waist!I now have a 60 inch waist.Seriously.Before I couldn't even make the ends of the tape measure touch around my waist.On the other hand I now have mud flaps hanging off my biceps.I'll give you a second to visualize. ;-)O)  I also have found a healthy fat I really like.I had to switch from olive oil after becoming allergic to it.I now use sesame oil.So good for you and very tasty.I tiny amount will flavor a whole dish of food.Try it drizzled sparingly on salads and baked potatoes.Use a 1/2 tsp and some fat free chicken broth instead of butter and milk to make mashed potatoes.Very nummy! I recently had a revaluation.As a young child I was horrified of growing up to look just like my old ,fat,gray haired mother.I had this moment of illumination while looking in a mirror a few days ago.Guess what ? It wasn't me in the mirror staring back at me .It was my mom! And guess what else? I laughed so hard! The things our mom's never tell us!Not that I do look just like my dear mother I am strangely enough comforted by it.At the same time I am also facing some of the same issues of being over weight that mom faced.I have achy joints,bad back,sleep issues,vision issues,ect.
The cool thing is this,It mostly reversible by losing weight and eating healthy!Mom knew I just had to learn for myself.The price of being stubborn,LOL!Also I am still working on posting my photo's.Sorry the blog has slowed down a bit.I am headed to Montana in a few weeks to see my niece I haven't seen in over 30 yrs!The cordination of that trip alone has been monumental.Stress can sure derail eating healthy if your not careful.I will post more soon.Love,Mollie

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Me 25 years ago at about age 21

Me 25 years ago at about age 21

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