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Monday, July 12, 2010

Still holding on.

Ok,so I have not gained weight but not lost any weight either.Now I need to get my fat butt moving further than the front of the television.Time to drag my fat butt out side and walk.My hubby and I were being amorous I attempting to hug and kiss each other.Near impossible when we both have our fat bellies in the way.Our obesity has become a solid physical barrier between us literally.Dang it.I crave close physical contact to be a whole person.Try to imagine two people trying to be intimate with to truck tires wedged between their bodies.IMPOSSIBLE mission! Not a alluring sight let me tell you!I am disturbed by the sight of the woman I see in the mirror.I have become my own mother.Which by the way mom died at the age of 62 from complications after having angioplasty and angiogram  done on her heart.I am 30 pounds heavier than mom was at her time of death.Dad died at the age of 56 from a massive quadruple heart attack.Both had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.Dad was a severe brittle diabetic.What do think will happen if I don't continue to change my bad habits? I will die like both my parents.I was 19 when dad died.Same age as my oldest John Henry is,19.I will not let my children go through what I went through.And if I don't make the effort to change then I may become guilty of creating a unhealthy example to my kids.I have to show them that change even under the most impossible of circumstance can be achieved.Both my kids look at my life for reference on how to live theirs.I am dusting off my walking shoes,no kidding! If I have to walk huffing and puffing then I will walk to the end of my drive way ,stop catch my breath and go on.maybe I'll  even make it to the corner.No dumb barking neighbor dog is gonna scare me.If it tried to bite me it would have more than it could eat,LOL! I am so well versed in excuses it's scary.My back hurts,my shoes are heavy,the dog is whining,the cat might follow me,I don't want to be smelly and sweaty,i don't have time,ect.
Get over self! Either now or later it's gonna happen! If my back hurts use my cane,the added weight of my shoes will give me a smaller butt? Maybe Glo!I can take shower and smell clean.I have to much time and that's how I got fat!I eat when I am bored.Excuses be danged! Also,a new treat I tried that was yummy! Get some Yoplait whipped yogurt and stick them in the freezer.Better than ice cream I promise!

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Me 25 years ago at about age 21

Me 25 years ago at about age 21

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