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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taking care of our selves.

Recently I was given a wake up call on my life.A dear friend and family member from my side of the family was diagnosed with colon cancer.The doctors found a polyp that has cancerous cells.She will be going through chemo also.How many of us eat enough fiber?Do we eat fast food like fries or burgers ? How about drink soda? or espresso? Do we eat green leafy veggies?Do we eat brown rice? Do we drink skim milk? I understand how some might not find these healthier choices to their liking.Now picture this,Your sitting on the toilet going #2.You wipe stand up and when you go to flush and notice blood in the toilet.Ok,so maybe it's just because you've been a little backed up shall we say lately.In the next few weeks you experience gas,stomach aches,maybe a little run down feeling.Most people would not put it all together and run to the doctor.More than likely it's an issue of not enough fiber.But,for some it's not.It's cancer.And it can be lethal.You think eating healthy leafy greens and brown rice and drinking skim milk is gross? Try having your hair fall out in clumps when you run your fingers through it.How about every time you eat you throw it right back up?How about having to worry about everyone around you worrying if your gonna be alive next week,next month,next year ? If this doesn't make eating healthy more appealing nothing will.I know this time I am writing very differently.I want to show everyone that eating healthy saves lives.if you don't like brown rice eat oranges or apples for fiber.Not all leafy greens are created equal either. Cabbage made into coleslaw is leafy,green and loaded with fiber! Celery diced and added to soups,salads or as dippers with salsa are full of fiber and low cal and low fat and YUMMY! And if you replace the cream or milk in gravies and sauces with skim  milk you save calorie,save fat and cholesterol and it's the secret to making them creamier .Another good way to sneak fiber into your meals is replace 1/3 of the flour in breads and cookies with old fashioned rolled oats.You can also add ground flax seed to breads,cookies even meat loaf and no one will even know.
Ground mushrooms work well to replace half of the ground beef in burger patties.Ground mushrooms also work great in meat loaf.Fruit juices with no sugar added are excellent sources of  vitamins.They also work great frozen as popscicles.If you want to try veggie juice try carrot or v-8.Another sneaky way to get veggies in.If we don't take care of ourselves our bodies are the ones who suffer for it.It's not hard or complicated.One thing at a time I always say.

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Me 25 years ago at about age 21

Me 25 years ago at about age 21

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