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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little sleep = Unhealthy eating.

Some things are better done right the first time.Eating healthy and getting enough sleep go hand in hand.I find that when I am tired I am more tempted by old eating habit's.If I sleep eanough then I can think clear so I am able to make conscious food choices that won't cause me to eat junk food or seconds and thirds and dessert.Washed down by soda or kool-aid.I don't miss the soda or kool-aid .I get sick bad if I eat unhealthy.Gives me a whopper of a head ache!This week is more challenging than per the norm.Because our fridge broke down for good this time.I fool sorta like we are camping till next week when we get a new fridge.Isn't that nice? I put all the blame on the fridge.HA Ha! Last night I only had about an hour's worth of sleep.The reason being I am breaking my habit of staying up all night and sleeping all day.Irregular sleep patterns have been shown to show stress related weight gain in adults. Hello! I am more than twice the weight of two short women.I weigh about 370 pounds and shrinking!A habit is defined by repitition.If you repeat that something over and over in about two weeks it becomes habit.I have broken the salt and sugar habit.Also the coffee habit.Ok,so I became allergic to coffee.Who knew?I also have curtailed my love of fried salty bacon.I was a baconaholic.I also don't eat junk food .I even can order a salad at a fast food place.We all need to get to a point where we say to our selves ,ENOUGH is enough.I like to drink water between meals .I find when I think I am hungry alot of times I am just thirsty.Also I cannot stress enough how important calcium and potassium are in curbing an over active appetite.And over the counter vitamins help but foods like fresh bananas,potatoes,carrots,yogurt,are better sources more completely assimilated by our bodies.Nothing is as good for you as real fresh  good for you fruit,veggies and yogurt.The rule of thumb for balanced healthy meals are easy to remember,fresh veggies or fruit raw portion the size of a 2 dvd cases stacked flat .Carbohydrates portioned the size of Tangerine.Meat portioned the size of a deck of cards.Very easy to remember.You can do this.Little changes make enormous differences.I cut out animal fats first gradually.Once I was used to that next I cut out sugar.The salt.Then I cut down on portion size.An easy tip is no one will starve if you don't eat everything on your plate.Mom lied! Another tip is when at a pot luck or restaurant ask for veggies instead of potatoes.Ask for them with no butter or sauce.  Again gradually developing healthy habits.I also clean when ever I get up and go into another room.Healthy habit.Don't expect it to all fall into place in just a week.Give it time and it will happen.Till next time ,God Bless.

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Me 25 years ago at about age 21

Me 25 years ago at about age 21

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