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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time is resolute

Been a little while since my last post.Boy howdy I have been busy busy! My oldest son John Henry graduated high school.That kept me busy with bake sales for his senior project.he raised money to buy new drum covers for his schools music dept.When we get busy it's to easy to slip into easy eating habits.It's easy to grab what ever is at hand that's quick.Hot dogs,mac n cheese,brown and serve sausage links,ect.The problem is that when I start doing really good I think I can eat bad and just turn around and start eating healthy no problem! PROBLEM!Old habits don't disappear over night.Once an addict always one.I am a food addict.I am also a fairly decent cook.No conceit intended.REALLY! I can hear you laughing Glo! Any who,I start small with a hot dog.Then next time it's maybe cake or ice cream.There is no such thing as just a little bit won't hurt.That piece of cake becomes a handful of chips,which become white bread which turns into ice cream and so on.I want to lose weight,be healthy,feel confident,and be comfortable in my own skin when I look into the mirror.The hard truth is until I accept myself as who I am as a fat person I will never be able to be satisfied thin.Time to slow down,stop in front of the mirror and humble myself.I am so relieved I haven't gained any weight despite my lack of control the last week or so.I'll get to the weight I should be I just need to get up every time I fall down.If I don't eat healthy I will gain it all back.No excuses,no whining,and no junk food.I am fat and I am losing weight.I never believed going into this it would be easy.I am resolute on reclaiming me.Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what challenges you are facing .Love,Mollie


  1. dear Mollie, you are one of a kind. God doesn't make mistakes. You are a blessing!! So proud of you!! Thanks so much for sharing your good and bad with us. You are funny, loving, and smart! You have alot of teaching inside of you. God will use you in your passion for life. The faith I hear you have, is a good thing!! You have been covering up that with food. Let it all out!! You need to be heard!! Were you talking about me laughing? Your not a Conceited person!!! humble person. Everything I read is so right on with eating habits, easy foods to eat. JUNK FOOD!!! I battle my weight. Everytime i think of eating something I go for the water!!! Hang in there Mollie> I'm with you!!!! glo


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Me 25 years ago at about age 21

Me 25 years ago at about age 21

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