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Friday, December 3, 2010

December update

Hey,I wanted to let everyone know whats been going on with me.I have been battling multiple severe allergies.I am severely allergic to coffee,olive oil,and any and all wheat..I am also allergic to all artificial sweeteners.Also most laundry soaps or scented candles.As a result of all this I am sleepy and tired all the time.I am taking huge amounts of antihistamines.Every day is a struggle just to load the dish washer or do laundry.And fixing meals are sketchy.I have to fix my meals separate from Randy  and the boys..I even break out in hives if I touch bread or tortillas because of the wheat.I have become an avid label reader..It has been a struggle to eat healthy But,I am becoming adjusted to this life style change.I am also losing weight again.No wheat  means no carbs,hence weight loss accelerated.My clothes are getting baggy.I am starting Tia Chi soon.Now all need to do is  find some extra moolah to buy clothes that fit :-)  

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Me 25 years ago at about age 21

Me 25 years ago at about age 21

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